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What do you think of 2V0-51.21: What does the Professional VMware Horizon 8. x exam look like?

Exam 2V0-51.21 is also known as Professional VMware Horizon 8. x. The primary purpose of the exam is to verify that individuals are able to install, configure, manage, maintain, and perform basic troubleshooting of VMware Horizon and related solutions, as well as to properly identify and distinguish any required support products and components.

Learning resources(2V0-51.21):

  • VMware Horizon 8: Skills for Virtual Desktop Management
  • VMware Horizon 8: Skills for Virtual Desktop Management – On
  • Demand
  • VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration
  • VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration – On Demand
  • VCP Community
  • VMware Customer Connect Learning
  • VMware Press
  • VMware Certification Market Place

Associated Certification:

VCP-DTM 2022

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Below Are Free 2V0-51.21 Exam Questions

1. Which three options are required to use an instant-clone pool? (Choose three.)

A. VMware vSphere
B. Horizon Intelligence
C. Horizon Composer
D. Horizon Connection Server
E. Horizon Agent
F. High speed Internet Access

Correct Answer: ADE

2. Which Horizon feature provides high availability desktops across datacenters?

A. Cloud Pod Architecture
B. vCenter Linked Mode
C. Instant-Clones
D. Replica Connection Servers

Correct Answer: D

3. Which two built-in apps are supported and automatically added to the profile of a multi-app kiosk profile? (Choose two.)

A. Calculator
B. Microsoft Word
C. Microsoft Edge
D. Camera
E. Sticky Notes

Correct Answer: AE

4. Refer to the exhibit.

Which command is run to produce the output shown in the exhibit?

A. C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Horizon Agent\DCT\support.bat loglevels
B. C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Horizon Agent\DCT\support.bat setlogs
C. C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Agent\DCT\support.bat loglevels
D. C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Agent\DCT\support.bat setlogs

Correct Answer: A

5. An administrator wants to provision a new Golden Image but doesn\’t see the VM in the list with golden images. Which could be the cause of the issue? (Choose two.)

A. No snapshot was made after optimizing the golden image.
B. There is more than 1 active snapshot on the golden image.
C. The golden image VM is not configured with a CD-ROM player.
D. The wrong Guest OS Version was selected when creating the golden image.
E. The golden image was not optimized.

Correct Answer: AE

6. A user reports that they are unable to connect to their desktop from the internet using PCoIP, but they are able to connect via BLAST. Which could be the cause of the issue?

A. The firewall is denying port 80 to the Unified Access Gateway.
B. The firewall is denying port 443 to the desktop.
C. The firewall is denying port 4172 to the Unified Access Gateway.
D. The firewall is denying port 3389 to the Desktop.

Correct Answer: C

7. A Horizon administrator is tasked with creating a new pool of desktops with hardware-accelerated graphics with vMotion support. Which graphic acceleration types can the administrator choose to meet the requirement?

A. Virtual Shared Direct 3D
B. Virtual Shared 3D rendering
C. Virtual Dedicated Graphics Acceleration
D. Virtual Shared Pass-through Graphics Acceleration

Correct Answer: C

8. Which two client types have the lowest cost of ownership and are easier to manage deployments, firmware updates, and monitor. (Choose two.)

A. Headless Clients
B. Windows 10 Clients
C. Zero Clients
D. Thin Clients
E. MacOS Clients

Correct Answer: CD

9. Which two methods are available for authentication to a Unified Access Gateway? (Choose two.)

A. Web Services Federation
B. Smart Cards
C. OpenID Connect
D. Open Authentication (OAuth)
E. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)

Correct Answer: DE

10. Where can an administrator find the VDI machines in the Horizon LDAP?

B. OU=Desktops
C. OU=Servers
D. OU=Machines

Correct Answer: C

11. Which three can be used by a Horizon administrator who wants to provision an application to users\\’ desktops? (Choose three.)

A. VMware App Volumes Application Package
B. VMware Horizon Published Application
C. VMware Thinapp
D. VMware Dynamic Environment Manager
E. VMware App Volumes Writable Volume

Correct Answer: ABD

12. Refer to the exhibit.
When editing an existing instant-clone pool, an administrator cannot find the option to configure the vRAM size in the wizard. Referencing the exhibit, which could be the cause of the issue?

A. Increasing vRAM size is only possible for manual pools.
B. Modifying the vRAM settings is not permitted when selecting VMware Blast as default protocol.
C. Modifying the vRAM settings is not permitted when selecting Manage using vSphere Client.
D. Configuring vRAM size is only permitted during pool creation.

Correct Answer: D

13.Which two Windows Server Operating Systems are supported by VMware Horizon 8? (Choose two.)

A. Windows Server 2019
B. Windows Server 2008 R2
C. Windows Server 2012
D. Windows Server 2003 R2
E. Windows Server 2016

Correct Answer: AE

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