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Last Update: 2017-01-30

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Exam Description
Cisco CCDE® Written Exam [352-001] version 2.1 is a 2-hour test with 90−110 questions that test a candidate’s combined knowledge of routing protocols, internetworking theory and design principles. The exam assesses a candidate’s understanding of network design in the areas of routing, tunneling, Quality of Service, Management, Cost, Capacity, and Security. This exam combines in-depth technical concepts with Network Design principles and is intended for a Network Professional with at least 7 years of experience in Network Engineering or Advanced Network Design. Product-specific knowledge including version of code, implementation and operations specific concepts is not tested on the CCDE exam. The exam is closed book and no outside reference materials are allowed.

The following 352-001 PDF topics are general guidelines for the content likely to be included on the exam. However, other related topics may also appear on any specific delivery of the exam. In order to better reflect the contents of the exam and for clarity purposes, the guidelines below may change at any time without notice.

CCDE Written Exam Topics v2.1 (Recommended for candidates who are scheduled to take the exam on July 25, 2016 and beyond)

A network designer is redesigning an enterprise campus network to ensure that Ethernet switches
proactively attempt to reconnect after a fiber cut. In the design, they will have to address areas
where fiber cuts exist on campus from past troubleshooting, where a single fiber is disconnected in
the fiber pair, leading to looping. Which feature could be implemented in the design to allow the
Spanning Tree Protocol on the switches to be protected?

A. loop guard
B. UniDirectional Link Detection
C. UniDirectional Link Detection aggressive mode
D. root guard
Answer: C

A switched network is being designed to support a manufacturing factory. Due to cost constraints,
fiber-based connectivity is not an option. Which design allows for a stable network when there is a
risk of interference from the manufacturing hardware in use on the factory floor?

A. Design the network to include UDLD to detect unidirectional links and take them out of service.
B. Design the network to include EtherChannel bundles to prevent a single-link failure from taking
down a switch interconnection point.
C. Design the network to include loop guard to prevent a loop in the switched network when a link
has too much interference.
D. Design the network to include BackboneFast on all devices to accelerate failure convergence
Answer: A

A service provider has a Resilient Ethernet Protocol ring running as a metro backbone between its
locations in one city. A customer wants to connect one site with one box redundant to the Resilient
Ethernet Protocol ring at two different service provider locations. How can this be done without
producing any Layer 2 loops within the network design?

A. Spanning tree at the service provider side only must be enabled.
B. Spanning tree at the customer side only must be enabled.
C. Flex Links at the service provider side only must be enabled.
D. Flex Links at the customer side only must be enabled.
E. EtherChannel at the service provider side and the customer side must be enabled.
F. Spanning tree at the service provider side and the customer side must be enabled.
G. Flex Links at the service provider side and the customer side must be enabled.
Answer: D

You have created a network design that has two point-to-point Metro Ethernet circuits extending a
single production VLAN between two data centers. Under normal circumstances, one circuit will
carry traffic and spanning tree will block the other. If the company wants you to make use of both
circuits to carry production traffic, which two technologies and features will you investigate to
integrate into your network design? (Choose two.)
A. EtherChannel
C. Multichassis EtherChannel
Answer: A,C
Explanation: 070-410 exam

Voice traffic between two campus enterprise networks is growing. The network designers decide
to add a second 10-Mb Metro Ethernet service parallel to their original 10-Mb service in order to
provide more bandwidth and diversity. The QoS profile will be the same on the new 10-Mb service
due to the voice stability on the first Metro Ethernet link. When the second link is added to the
OSPF domain, which traffic design consideration would have the most impact on the voice traffic
when both links are active?

A. per-destination IP address basis
B. per-flow basis
C. per-packet basis
D. per-source IP address basis
Answer: C

352-001 Exam

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