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Exam Code: NSE5
Exam Name: Fortinet Network Security Expert 5 Written Exam (500)
Q&As: 239

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There are eight traffic priority classes. Which of the following priorities would you recommend for
voice in an 802.1p VLAN?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 6
D. 7
NSE5 exam Answer: C
A technician has been trying to determine whether or not the e-mail service is operating on an
SIP-enabled device. She issues the following command from a terminal:
telnet 25
What is the result of this command?
A. The Telnet client will try to access the SMTP port on
B. She will be presented with a login prompt via the SSH protocol.
C. The Telnet client will try to access the Telnet port for 25 seconds on
D. The Telnet client will try to access the standard SNMP port of
Answer: A
You have just installed a wireless access point that you plan to use for voice and video calls.
Which settings can you put in place to enable you to prioritize multiple traffic streams?
A. Larger MTU and SYN packet settings
B. MAC address filtering and RADIUS settings
C. WME and/or multiple SSID entries
D. Multiple default gateways and switches
NSE5 dumps Answer: C
What type of Network Address Translation (NAT) is the least restrictive?
A. Symmetric
B. Full cone
C. Restricted cone
D. Port restricted cone
Answer: B
What are the four access categories defined by Wireless Multimedia Extensions (WME), in order
from highest to lowest priority?
A. Connectionless, Connection-Oriented, Standard and SIP
B. TCP, UDP, IP and H.323
C. Voice, Video, Best Effort and Background
NSE5 pdf Answer: C
You are troubleshooting a problem in which several IP phones cannot access an SIP proxy. You
have been told that all SIP proxies and clients in the company are using the standard port as a
default. When you view the various configuration screens, you see the following information:
– DNS server:
– DHCP: Auto.
– SIP proxy: 8080
– IP address:
– Subnet mask:
What is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. The wrong DNS server has been specified.
B. DHCP settings are not configured correctly.
C. The wrong subnet mask has been specified.
D. The wrong port number is specified in the proxy server.
Answer: D
An SIP proxy server has the following IP configuration:
Which is the correct address for the network containing this server?
NSE5 vce Answer: C
Which of the following will allow you to avoid deploying NAT traversal workarounds?
A. Use a custom subnet mask for all external network devices.
B. Deploy a CSU/DSU.
C. Use registered IP addresses for all devices.
D. Use private IP addresses for all devices.
Answer: C
You have installed 100 IP phones in a new subnet. None of the phones in this new subnet can
receive IP addresses from the company DHCP server that resides on a separate subnet. Which of
the following can you implement to solve this problem the most easily and securely?
A. Enable 802.1p on the Layer 2 switch.
B. Enable BOOTP forwarding on the router.
C. Place the DHCP server on the default VLAN.
D. Upgrade the DHCP server.
NSE5 exam Answer: B
Voice call quality drops at certain times of the day. You discover that this is usually when high
amounts of e-mail and Web traffic occur across several LANs in your company. Which action can
you take to solve this problem?
A. Implement H.323.
B. Implement SIP.
C. Implement QoS.
D. Implement MGCP.
Answer: C
Given a 21st century Ethernet network, which of the following must be used by both an 802.11i
WiFi card and an IP-enabled PBX network adapter?
A. A Virtual LAN Identifier (VID)
B. A Secure Set Identifier (SSID) entry
C. A Media Access Control (MAC) address
D. A Canonical Format Indicator (CFI) entry
NSE5 dumps Answer: C
The IP phones for the sales department reside in Subnet A, while the IP PBX resides in Subnet B
of the same network. All network switches and routers are properly configured. A technician
visiting the sales department is having problems registering the sales department phones with the
IP PBX. The technician can ping each phone from within Subnet A, but not from outside the
subnet. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this problem?
A. The router does not have access control lists enabled.
B. The IP phones are configured with an incorrect subnet mask.
C. The cables connecting the IP phones are Category 5, rather than Category 5e.
D. The MAC addresses for the phones have not yet been registered with the IP PBX.
Answer: B
You are implementing an IPsec VPN for voice calls. These calls will pass from one corporate
firewall to another. Both firewalls use Network Address Translation (NAT). Which form of IPsec will
you implement?
A. Tunnel mode using the AH security protocol
B. Transport mode using the AH security protocol
C. Tunnel mode using the ESP security protocol
D. Transport mode using the ESP security protocol
NSE5 pdf Answer: C
Which element of a convergent network does a connection-hijacking attack typically exploit?
A. Soft phones
B. Wireless network radio frequencies
C. The TCP three-way handshake
D. Network Address Translation (NAT)
Answer: C
What algorithm is usually selected when voice is companded at 64 Kbps in all parts of the world
except North America and Japan?
A. A-Law
B. Mu-Law
C. G.711
D. G.729a
NSE5 vce Answer: A

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