IBM launched its first POWER9 system, which positioned as “AI and cognitive workloads of a game-changing power station” – The benefits of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing and based on the same architecture as the Department of Energy’s Coral supercomputer summit and Sylar. The new system also supports the Nvlink 2.0 and OPENCAPI protocols, which provide up to 10x of PCI 3.0 maximum bandwidth based on x86 systems.  According to Sumit Gupta, vice president of of AI and HPC within IBM’s Cognitive Systems business unit think tha The  design concept the POWER9 is that it will work as a peer processor for a peer or other processor. Whether it’s a GPU accelerator, an FPGA, or any other accelerator on the market, our goal is to provide links and hooks so that all these accelerators can be developed equally on the server.


The new AC922 server is on two Power9 CPUs between four and six Nvidia Tesla V100 Nvlink GPU. The AC922 extends many of the design elements introduced in the Power8 “Minsky” box and focuses on enabling connections to a range of accelerators (Nvidia GPU, ASIC, FPGA, and PCIe connected devices)-using a series of interfaces. Power9 the consistency introduced by CAPI and Nvlink 2.0 is another key enabler code. AC922 solves these problems, allowing accelerated applications to use system memory as GPU memory. This reduces latency and simplifies programming by eliminating data movement and location requirements. The AC922 server can be configured with either four or six Nvidia Volta V100 GPUs. According to IBM, a four GPU air-cooled version will be available December 22 and both four- and six-GPU water-cooled options are expected to follow in the second quarter of 2018.

Thousands of AC922 nodes, along with storage and network connectivity, drive about 200 in Oak Ridge and 120 1.271 of 1.271. As King pointed out in our interview, only one of the original CORAL contractors is fulfilling its mission to deliver a “pre-exascale” supercomputer to the collaboration of US labs. Sano praised “IBM’s progress in the development of the latest energy technologies” and said that “the POWER9 Opencapi Bus and high-capacity memory feature allow for further innovation opportunities in Google data center.”


IBM is also being leveraged by Google, and it’s working with partner Rackspace to build a server called Zaius Power9 processor. IBM do see their strong appeal, but there are many other factors that are working. They have solutions that, after a very fast-growing AI space, our solution will be done after the open source database NoSQL the data center and Have announced cooperation with Nutanix to hyperconverged space which  see the HyperScale market as “a good capacity opportunity”, and clearly aware of the impact of bulk pricing on the traditional server market. So we have a lot of different elements that drive the number and opportunities of power servers on our Linux, including of course SAP’s Hannah.

IBM will also sell POWER9 chips through its openpower ecosystem, which now contains 300 members. Three versions of the POWER9 chip will be deployed in 2019. There will be an amplified processor, which is a traditional chip for AIX and high-end space, and then another that will provide more acceleration with enhanced memory and built-in other features; we’re working with other memory providers.

Before the Power8 began to fall in the second year, Capabilities like Nutanix and building Powerai and other software-based solutions have led to some bounce, which is still negative. The pricing or at least price perception is a problem with Power8. For traditional market, I think pricing is competitive; for some of the new markets we’re trying to get into, such as the Hyperscaler data center, I think we have some work to do. It’s really a TCO and a price-performance competitiveness versus price only. And we think we’re going to have a much better price performance competitiveness with Power9 in the hyperscalers and some of the low-end Linux spaces that are really the new market.


We are very confident that we are building a lot of workloads on top of this architecture, we will see more growth, Power9 positive growth, powerai with Nutanix some other workloads we’ve put it there, it won’t be the only reason for a hardware. This will be the bulk of the software features we build on the platform and support more new workloads. In the next two or three years–it’s a huge hockey stick–we’ve built and designed POWER9 markets, especially for that market Over the next few months and years, more power9-based servers will follow IBM and its ecosystem partners.

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Certified Specialist, IBM

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Vendor: IBM
Certifications: Certified Specialist
Exam Name: IBM SPSS Modeler Professional v3
Exam Code: C2090-930
Total Questions: 60 Q&As

Data Preparation (20%)

  • Describe methods for data transformation (for example, Derive node, Auto Data Prep node, Data Audit node and Filler node)
  • Describe how to integrate data (for example, Merge node and Append node)
  • Describe sampling, partitioning, and balancing data (for example, Sample node, Balance node and Partition node)
  • Describe methods for refining data (for example, Select node, Filter node and Aggregate node)

Modeling (20%)

  • Describe classification models (including GLM and regression)
  • Describe segmentation models
  • Describe association models
  • Describe auto modeling nodes
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C2090-930 exam

Lead4pass Latest and Most Accurate IBM C2090-930 Exam Q&As   

Exam A
A mobile solutions developer has written a custom application using BlackBerry MDS Studio. This custom application is to be deployed to all BlackBerry device in the company environment. _BlackBerry device in the company? environment. What are three requirements that must be met prior to deploying the custom application? (Choose three.)
A. BlackBerry MDS Runtime must be installed on the BlackBerry devices.
B. The custom application must be published to the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service.
C. The custom application must be indexed and configured to be pushed using a software configuration.
D. The BlackBerry devices must be activated on the BlackBerry MDS Integration Service.
E. The custom application must be published to the BlackBerry Configuration Database.
Correct Answer: ABD

A BlackBerry device user forgets the password to access his BlackBerry device. What should the system administrator do to give the user access to the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)
A. Send the Set Password and Lock Handheld IT policy.
B. Send the Reset Password IT Admin command to the BlackBerry device.
C. Send the Set Password and Lock Handheld IT Admin command to the BlackBerry device.
D. Remove the battery to perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry device and complete the activation process.
E. Send new security service books from BlackBerry Manager to the BlackBerry device.
Correct Answer: C

A system administrator has moved the BlackBerry Configuration Database from one Microsoft SQL Server to another. The Microsoft SQL database was backed up from the source server and restored on the destination server. The system administrator restores the BlackBerry Configuration Database on the destination Microsoft SQL Server and configures the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to point to the new Microsoft SQL Server using the BlackBerry Config tool. The BlackBerry Dispatcher, the BlackBerry Synchronization Service, and the BlackBerry Policy Service all fail to start. The system administrator has verified connectivity to the destination Microsoft SQL Server by clicking the Test Microsoft SQL Server Connectivity button. What is the most likely cause of this problem? (Choose one.)
A. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server service account is not a member of the local administrators group on the Microsoft SQL Server.
B. The BlackBerry Configuration Database schema is not updated.
C. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server service account does not have sufficient Microsoft Exchange permissions.
D. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server is pointed at the wrong database.
E. The BlackBerry system errors (syserrors) are not updated in the master database.
Correct Answer: E

What are three functions of the BlackBerry Messaging Agent? (Choose three.)
A. Synchronizes calendar appointments to and from the BlackBerry device
B. Synchronizes address book entries to and from the BlackBerry device
C. Performs address book lookups requested on the BlackBerry device
D. Synchronizes attachments created on the BlackBerry device
E. Performs wireless backups of BlackBerry device settings
Correct Answer: ACD

erver01? The Agent ID for the The name of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is BlackBerry device user is ?.? What is the name of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server log file where message flow information should be found? (Choose one.)
A. Server01_magt_01_20071201_0002.txt
B. Server01_mngr_02_20071201_0001.txt
C. Server01_magt_02_20071201_0001.txt
D. Server01_mdss_02_20071201_0002.txt
E. Server01_mdat_02_20071201_0001.txt
Correct Answer: C  C2090-930 exam

Which BlackBerry Manager status indicates the IT policy has been accepted by a BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)
A. Applied
B. Received
C. Applied successfully
D. Received successfully
E. Delivered
Correct Answer: C

How can a company allow specified BlackBerry device models to access the BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose one.)
A. Enable the Enterprise Service Policy at the BlackBerry Domain level and select the specified models.
B. Enable the Enterprise Service Policy for each BlackBerry Enterprise Server and select the specified models.
C. Enable the Enterprise Service Policy for each BlackBerry Enterprise Server and select the PIN ranges of the permitted models.
D. Enable the Enterprise Service Policy at the domain level and restrict the not specified models.
E. Enable the Enterprise Service Policy for each BlackBerry Enterprise Server and restrict the not specified models.
Correct Answer: A

A system administrator recently discovered that BlackBerry device users are wirelessly downloading MP3 files from the Internet to their BlackBerry devices. How can this practice be prevented using BlackBerry Manager? (Choose one.)
A. Set the Max File Size on the BlackBerry Attachment Server for MP3 files to 0.
B. Create a new Media Content Management entry and set the Disallow Content to True.
C. Disallow MP3s using an Application Control Policy
D. Disallow MP3s using an IT policy.
E. Enable content protection on the media card.
Correct Answer: B

A BlackBerry device user reports that she has not received any email messages on her BlackBerry device in the past three hours. However, she is able to send email messages. The system administrator sends three test email messages to the user, but the Pending Data Packet status remains the same. Which status should the system administrator examine next? (Choose one.)
A. Filtered Messages
B. Last Contact Time
C. Last Result
D. Wireless Message Reconciliation
E. Expired Messages
Correct Answer: A

Which two components are required for a BlackBerry device user to send and receive PGP encrypted email messages? (Choose two.)
A. An IT policy with the URL of the PGP Universal Server pushed to the BlackBerry device
B. An IT policy with a CRL server configured, pushed to the BlackBerry device
C. An IT policy with the URL of the PGP LDAP Server pushed to the BlackBerry device
D. The PGP Support Package installed on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server
E. The PGP Support Package installed on the BlackBerry device
Correct Answer: AE

C2090-930 exam

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IBM, IBM Certified Solution Developer

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C9530-404 Exam

  • Exam Code: C9530-404
  • Exam Name: IBM Integration Bus V9.0, Solution Development
  • C9530-404 Study Guide Total Q&A: 48 Questions and Answers
  • Last Update: 2016-09-03

C9530-404 Exam Details :

NO.1 A company needs to implement a generic gateway application which accepts COBOL input messages using WebSphere MQ transport. The first 15 bytes of each input message represents a common header for all messages. The 15 bytes header is used to determine the message type, length and routing information.
Which domain parser should the solution developer set in the input node to accomplish this?
B. DataObject
Answer: C

NO.2 When using the IBM built-in node to output a file using WebSphere MQ Managed File Transfer, which message tree must be used to override the node properties?
A. LocalEnvironment.WrittenDestination.FTE
B. Environment.Destination.FTE
C. Environment.Destination.File
D. LocalEnvironment.Destination.FTE
Answer: A

NO.3 A solution developer is defining a DFDL model for a file that defines a purchase order. A field in the header, ItemCount, defines the number of purchase order items contained in the purchase order. The schema model is defined as shown below. What modification must the developer make to the model to ensure that the number of items in the purchase order is equal to the value in ItemCount?

A. Set theOccursCountKindproperty forItemstoExpressionand set the expression
B. Set theOccursCountKindproperty toImplicit.
C. Add an Assert toItemsthat tests that items is less than or equal toItemCount.
D. Add a variable instance to thesequenceelement that counts the number ofItemsrecords.
Answer: B

NO.4 A solution developer needs to create a broker archive to deploy an application on an integration server. During this process, the solution developer can add a flow as a .mgsflow or .cmf file. The solution developer decides to use .mgsflow. Which node is allowed in the flow?
A. A user-defined node that is created from a subflow.
B. A subflow node that represents a subflow that is defined in a.msgflowfile.
C. A WebSphere Message Broker Version 7.0 Mapping node.
D. A user-defined node that is created from a Java implementation.
Answer: A

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IBM, IBM Certified Administrator

A modular philosophy hovering enforcement server is the appellation of the indicated probing which is the immediately prior scheme sin order that C2020-703 test offers. In annexation to the separate preprint sin order that are handy on the C2020-703 exam test preparation, one can withal go for the linked savings approximative forums, portals and websites which look after a sure-enough superb number of IBM Cognos learning. Incident micro management describes an event which may interrupt a specialty or prime mover reduction in IBM Cognos (Cognos) qlity of account a specialty can offer. You can return succor against the convenient to Cognos C2020-703, which are manufactured handy by a count of linked preparation websites.


C2020-703 Practice Questions
Vendor Name: IBM
Exam code: C2020-703
Exam Name: IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Administrator

There are many kinds of certifications for the beginners that has information and data. It makes beginners economical in terms of skills in order that they beco.uke a decent skilled in IT field. It includes many varieties of certifications that begin from beginners to masters level. The data Technology is moving with a quick pace so, these C2020-703 certifications give IT beginners a whole code of data. IBM Certifications for beginners encompasses numerous levels of studies that provide individuals with great knowledge.

Question: 1

You want to deploy a new application using dimension calculations in Performance Modeler. The application will be deployed in distributed mode. Which two configuration parameters should be applied? (Choose two.)

  1. PersistentFeeders=T
  2. AllowSeparateNandCRules=T
  3. DistributedPlanningOutputDir=.\tunit
  4. LoggingDirectory=. . \log

Answer: B, C  

Question: 2

Support has requested that the customer increase the logging in their file.

Where is this file found?

  1. In the same directory as the tm1 install
  2. In the same directory as the web.config file
  3. In the same directory as the tm1s.cfg file
  4. In the same directoryasthetm1p.ini file

Answer: C   

Question: 3

Which two TM1 Objects are potential data sources for a TurboIntegrator process? (Choose two.)

  1. Rule File
  2. Dimension Subset
  3. Cube View
  4. Application Folder

Answer: B, C   

C2020-703 exam

C2020-703 exam

C2020-703 exam testing

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IBM: Test C2020-703: IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Administrator


Table of Contents


MySQL. Tutorial
By Luke Welling, Laura Th
Publisher : Sams Publish Pub Date : November 04 ISBN : 0-672-32584 Pages : 300

The MySQL Tutorial consists of a series of 000-563 short, very concise chapters, each on a tightly targeted topic, with a task-oriented focus. Each chapter is written so it can be read in a single sitting and be easily digested. The main focus is on five key areas: installation and configuration, using MySQL, administering MySQL, optimizing MySQL, and MySQL¡¯s associated APIs. With 4 million installations and 27,000 downloads per day, MySQL continues to grow as one of the most widely used databases in the world. Now an enterprise-level database, MySQL features full support for transactions, integrating improvements that enhance MySQL¡¯s architectural foundation for building

Table of Contents


MySQL. Tutorial

By Luke Welling, Laura Th
Publisher : Sams Publish Pub Date : November 04 ISBN : 0-672-32584 Pages : 300
Copyright About the Authors Acknowledgments We Want to Hear from You! Reader Services Introduction
Why Use MySQL? Why MySQL Instead of Ano What¡¯s Different in MySQL 4 What Features Are Still to C Who Should Read This Boo How This Book Works
A Note on MySQL Licensing Part I: MySQL Basics Chapter 1. Installing MySQ Installing on Linux Installing on Windows Installing on OS X Configuring Your System Checking Your System Wo Setting the Root Passwor Deleting Anonymous Acco Creating an Account for B Summary Exercises Next Chapter 2. Quick Tour MySQL Directory Structure
Overview of Executables Overview of User Interfac Quick Introduction to the Summary Quiz Exercises Answers Next
Part II: Designing and Creati
Chapter 3. Database Desig Database Concepts and T Database Design Principl Normalization Summary Quiz Exercises Answers
Next Chapter 4. Creating Datab Case Sensitivity Identifiers in MySQL Creating a Database Selecting a Database Creating Tables Column and Data Types i Creating Indexes Deleting Databases, Tabl Altering Existing Table St Summary Quiz Exercises Answers
Part III: Using MySQL
Chapter 5. Inserting, Delet
Uploading Data with LOA
Chapter 6. Querying MySQ Overview of SELECT
Simple Queries Selecting Particular Colum Specifying Absolute Data Aliases Using the WHERE Clause Removing Duplicates with Using the GROUP BY Clau Selecting Particular Group Sorting Search Results w Limiting Search Results w Summary Quiz Exercises Answers Next
Chapter 7. Advanced Queri

Using Joins to Run Querie
Understanding the Differe Writing Subqueries Using SELECT Statement Summary Quiz Exercises Answers Next Chapter 8. Using MySQL Bu Operators Control Flow Functions String Functions Numeric Functions Date and Time Functions
Cast Functions

Other Functions Functions for Use with GR





Part IV: MySQL Table Types a Chapter 9. Understanding ISAM Tables MyISAM Tables InnoDB Tables BerkeleyDB (BDB) Tables
MERGE Tables

HEAP Tables




Chapter 10. Using Transact What Are Transactions? Using Transactions in MyS The InnoDB Transaction M Summary Quiz

Part V: Administering MySQL Chapter 11. Managing Use
Creating User Accounts w Privilege Levels ibm 000-563 Evaluating Privileges Using the REVOKE Statem Understanding the Privile Summary Quiz Exercises Answers Next Chapter 12. Configuring My
Setting MySQL Configurat Setting InnoDB Configura Multi-Install Configuratio Configuring for Internatio


It’s not about whether Tim Cook is right or wrong. Apple Inc.’s standoff against the U.S. government’s mounting pressure to hack into an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters highlights the importance of having clear leadership values in place. Otherwise, when a crisis arises, a company will be on the defensive 000-130 and scrambling to respond, creating uncertainty and eroding trust among customers and business partners. Despite pressure from the Justice Department, Apple CEO Tim Cook has refused to order his company to make software to unlock the phone used by one of the attackers to give the government access to encrypted personal data. According BH0-013 to Reuters, Cook reportedly told employees in an email, “This case is about much more than a single phone or a single investigation. At stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law-abiding people, and setting a dangerous precedent that threatens everyone’s civil liberties.” The purpose here is not to weigh in on what Cook should or should not do in the midst of a crisis that touches two of the most emotionally-charged issues of our day: guarding against terrorism and personal data security. That said, one of the key principles of values-based leadership 98-349 is to take the time to understand the multiple perspective surrounding any issue — particularly the most critical ones. In the case of Apple 0.00% , it appears Cook is trying to determine the right actions for his company and its customers, such as urging the government to create a panel on encryption. This process could facilitate dialogue and understanding among the multiple perspective on the issue. A values-based leadership approach also focuses intently on the issue of trust. The Trust Project at Northwestern University, a new initiative launching in March, is designed to advance the study and management of trust in business in society, and shows that trust is 250-310 multifaceted. Using a simple example, customers may trust that a company’s products are backed with in-depth technical expertise. But those same customers may have lower levels of trust that the company is really looking out for their best interest, such as 117-101 in product pricing, technical support, or customer relations. Trust, like everything else is business, cannot be taken for granted, and it must be managed as part of values-based leadership. Being a values-based leader in an organization NS0-156 that prides itself on what it stands for is relatively easy when things are going well. However, personal and organizational leadership are defined by challenges — especially change, controversy, and crisis. During these times, leadership is tested, often publicly with high visibility, broadcasting the values of the leader and the organization to the world. The backbone of every crisis-response plan must be the 070-464 company’s values. Then, as simplistic as it may seem, the company and its leaders need always to do two things: do the right thing and do the best they can. Throughout my A00-211 career, including as chairman and CEO of Baxter International, a $12 billion healthcare company, I have defined values-based leadership in the context of four principles: self-reflection, to gain greater self-knowledge and accountability to my commitments; balance, to gather input and feedback from all sources to make the best decisions possible; true self-confidence, knowing what I know and acknowledging what I don’t know; and genuine humility, to treat everyone with respect. These values along with the commitment to do the right thing and the C2180-275 best I could helped me face numerous episodes of change, controversy, and even crisis. In 2001, a dialysis filter product made in a Swedish plant owned by Baxter was blamed for 53 deaths in several countries. Suddenly, the company’s name was on the front page of newspapers around the world, accused of causing these C4040-122 deaths. With values-based leadership and a commitment to do the right thing, we quickly mobilized our response: putting together a team to uncover the cause of the deaths; taking the appropriate actions, including closing the facility that made filters; meeting with health ministers in various countries; and sharing information with suppliers and even competitors, just in case they were using materials or had manufacturing processes similar to ours. We didn’t stop there. Even though Baxter’s financial results that year exceeded targets, I recommended to the board that they reduce my bonus by 40%, and my 20 senior JN0-343 executives agreed to cut their bonuses by 20%. We knew the world was watching, and in order to maintain trust with all our constituents, especially the 50,000 team members within Baxter, we needed to make sure we did the right thing. The eyes of the world are on Apple as it squares off against the Justice Department over an issue that has many sides and valid C2020-011 arguments, from the need to safeguard against terrorism to individuals’ rights to privacy. Regardless of what Apple decides, the company must remain guided by its values and principles, with a commitment to do the right thing and the best it can.

IBM To Acquire Resilient Systems, Undercut Cisco, Symantec, FireEye

ech giant IBM (IBM) plans to undercut Cisco Systems (CSCO), Symantec (SYMC), FireEye (FEYE) and Rapid7 (RPD) by acquiring incident response firm Resilient Systems and partnering 070-178 with endpoint security provider Carbon Black, the company announced Monday. The announcement comes a week after IBM HP2-K34 unveiled a deeper tie to No. 1 cybersecurity pure-play Check Point Software Technology (CHKP) to pool research and integrate systems. IBM stock slipped 0.8% to close at 131.03 on the stock market today. IBD’s 25-company Computer Software-Security industry group was down a fraction Monday as companies headed to the RSA Conference, a massive cybersecurity industry gathering that 070-458 runs all week in San Francisco. Caleb Barlow, vice president A30-327 of IBM Security, described the Resilient Systems acquisition as the cornerstone of a three-prong strategy to protect, defend and respond to cyberbreaches. Per IBM policy, he wouldn’t disclose the price tag for the privately held, 100-employee company. “This ultimately gives us the ability to expand from protecting and 642-980 defending the enterprise to also being able to respond to a breach,” Barlow told IBD. “This combination of a new acquisition and the associated partnerships really make a move into the incident-response space.”

Carbon Black Has Big Share Of Endpoint Security

In conjunction with the acquisition, IBM will partner with endpoint security firm Carbon Black. Privately held Carbon 700-301 Black owns 37% of the endpoint market, according to industry tracker IDC. Carbon Black’s platform will allow IBM analysts to conduct security forensics on compromised endpoint devices. Resilient Systems will be integrated into IBM’s incident-response 642-980 platform, dubbed X-Force Incident Response Services. Via X-Force, IBM will counsel clients through all parts of a cyberbreach and on ways to avoid such breaches. Barlow likened the service to a fire drill. “Most companies don’t have 250-371 good incident-response plans,” he said. “There’s a binder on the shelf for what to do in the case of a fire or what to do in the case of a flood, but not necessarily what to do in the case of a cyber incident.” That “binder” includes pertinent leadership, disclosure and public 1Z0-597 relations keys in case of a breach, he said. IBM’s move allows the company to “pivot” from protecting and defending to responding to a breach, he says. It’s all part of IBM’s push into the cybersecurity market. In 2015, IBM pulled in $2 billion in security revenue. That was up 12% but still accounted for only 2.4% of IBM’s total revenue of 074-343 more than $81 billion, which fell 12%. But the dollar amount topped total sales for security pure-players Palo Alto Networks (PANW), Proofpoint (PFPT), Fortinet (FTNT) and FireEye. And IBM’s security business also outgrew Symantec and Check Point. The security unit was launched four years ago, Barlow 000-130 dumps free says. Since then, it has added 7,300 employees — 1,000 last year alone — and operates in 133 countries globally. “Imagine if that were the conversation about a Silicon Valley startup,” he said. IBM gets a not-strong IBD 1Z0-532 Composite Rating of 53 out of a possible 99. Shares are down 5% year to date, like the S&P 500 index.