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Vendo: Cisco
Certifications: ICND1
Exam Name: Cisco Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 (ICND1 v3.0)
Exam Code: 100-105
Total Questions: 239 Q&As
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2017
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Cisco’s Own 100-105 PDF Analysis

Cisco has posted useful information, in fairly large volume, about the new 100-105 pdf. (Kudos to Cisco!) In particular, Cisco has broken down the content of the new exams as well. You should read their content as well, because:

  • Cisco does own the exam, so any insights directly from Cisco are very valuable
  • Their materials give much more of the context of what the exam changes mean to networkers compared to what I have written here
  • They do get into some detail about what has changed in the 100-105 pdf exam topics, with different emphasis than what I have written

This post and three other upcoming posts are an analysis of the literal exam topic documents, old and new. As you might guess, when writing the books, I have to get into the minutia of the 100-105 pdf exam topics and what they mean, so these posts take those observations at that few get to (or have to) think about.

100-105 pdf

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A BlackBerry device user who is active on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server files an email message to a subfolder in the email application and notices the email message no longer appears in the Messages list on the BlackBerry device. Why is this email message no longer viewable in the main Messages list? (Choose one.)
A. The user has the option Hide Filed Messages set to Yes
B. The current theme active on the BlackBerry device is hiding this email message
C. A corrupt Desktop [CMIME] service book
D. Folder redirection is enabled
E. The BlackBerry device email message database is corrupt

Correct Answer: A
Which two of the following statements describe how an IT policy would facilitate an organization requirement to have secure data for all. Which two of the following statements describe how an IT policy would facilitate an organization requirement to have secure data for all computing-based BlackBerry devices? (Choose two.)
A. The BlackBerry device could be unlocked remotely
B. Content Protection could be enforced
C. By setting the Media Access policy to not allowed
D. BlackBerry Infrastructure can be notified to maintain backups of all traffic
E. BlackBerry device logging can be enabled to store every keystroke entered and recorded on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server

Correct Answer: BC
Which of the following is an encryption standard that is used by the BlackBerry Enterprise Server  to communicate with BlackBerry devices? (Choose one.)

Correct Answer: B
A BlackBerry device user has an email notification indicator and no unread email messages in the Messages folder. Which two of the following troubleshooting steps can be taken to remove the icon? (Choose two.)
A. Perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry device and see if the icon persists
B. Uninstall and reinstall the Messages application
C. Check all sub folders in the Messages folder for unread email messages
D. Delete the Desktop [CMIME] service book and then restore the CMIME service book to clear the Messages database
E. Perform a Reconcile Now to update all unread email messages

Correct Answer: AC
A BlackBerry device user Phone application is not present on the BlackBerry device, but it has been determined that the user is already running the most current version of the BlackBerry Device Software. How can the application loader tool be used to resolve the issue? (Choose one.)
A. Download and install updated Phone Application software from the service provider website
B. Run BlackBerry Diagnostics to verify the presence of BlackBerry Device Software on the BlackBerry device
C. Use the application loader tool to re-install the existing BlackBerry Device Software
D. Look for an earlier version of the Phone application on the service provider website and re- install it
E. Remove all installed applications to free up space for the Phone application

Correct Answer: C
A BlackBerry device user on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server does not have a Send option when trying to compose or reply to email messages. Which two of the following steps can be taken to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose two.)
A. Perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry device and see if the issue persists
B. Uninstall and reinstall the messaging application
C. Delete all email messages and resend
D. Delete and resend the Desktop [CMIME] service book
E. Delete and resend Desktop [CICAL]

Correct Answer: AD 100-105 pdf
Which file should be edited to enable advanced logging in BlackBerry Desktop Manager? (Choose one.)
A. Dmtrace.log
B. Jvm.log
C. Tiff.log
D. iloptcfg.cfg
E. Sync.log

Correct Answer: D
BlackBerry Media Sync is used for which of the following? (Choose one.)
A. Synchronizing with the My Music folder
B. Synchronizing with the media card inserted in the computer
C. Synchronizing music from Napster
D. Synchronizing non-DRM music from Apple iTunes
E. Synchronizing music between BlackBerry devices

Correct Answer: D
Several users have just been given BlackBerry devices and want to use the Switch Device Wizard to copy information from their old devices. Which two of the following devices are compatible to do this? (Choose two.)
A. Nokia N95
B. Palm Treo 650
C. Windows Mobile 5.0 based devices
D. Motorola RAZR
E. Samsung F406

Correct Answer: BC
When using the backup and restore tool, which two of the following items are backed up from the BlackBerry device? (Choose two.)
A. Third party applications
B. Email messages
C. BlackBerry device password
D. The Address Book database
E. The Password list

Correct Answer: BD
What setting must be enabled on the BlackBerry device when connected to a computer to allow dragging and dropping of files to and from a media card inserted into the BlackBerry device? (Choose one.)
A. Mass Storage Mode Support
B. Encryption mode
C. Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected must be set to
D. JavaScript transfer protocol
E. Media Transfer Protocol

Correct Answer: A

Which BlackBerry device series features a SureType keyboard? (Choose one.)
A. 88xx series
B. 83xx series
C. 86xx series
D. 81xx series
E. 87xx series

Correct Answer: D
Which of the following would indicate if a BlackBerry device user has incorrectly installed BlackBerry Desktop Software for usage with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server? (Choose one.)
A. There is no wireless enterprise activation icon on the user BlackBerry
B. There is no Email Settings icon in BlackBerry Desktop Manager
C. There is a Personal Email Setup icon on the user BlackBerry
D. BlackBerry Desktop Manager keeps asking the user to provide the login credentials for their personal email account
E. The user BlackBerry device is no longer able to send/receive enterprise email messages

Correct Answer: B

100-105 pdf

I breezed through the first 10 questions. I got stuck on Question 11. I’ve used 25 minutes of the 100-105 pdf at this point and I am starting to freak out. JUST BREATHE. Next thing I know I’ve ripped through 25 questions and i’m at question 36 with an hour to spare. I ended up finishing the exam with 27 minutes left on the clock.

Not that it is a race, but my point is if you don’t know the answer to a question 100% then just use logic to deduct the answers you know aren’t correct, make your best choice and move on. But do not make the mistake of thinking that just because you’re reading this post, I’ve covered every point Cisco makes in their material about the 100-105 pdf exams – make sure and read their pages. Note that is a great place to start.

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