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Refer to the exhibit.
The exhibit shows an N-to-1 cluster configuration, in which nodes are connected to storage devices via dual-hosted
SCSI cables.
Why is this an inefficient configuration?

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A. Storage should be shared by more than two nodes, obtaining a N+1 cluster configuration.
B. Clusters should have at most two nodes.
C. NAS is preferred over SAN for shared storage.
D. NFS is the preferred way to share storage within a cluster.
Correct Answer: A

Which requirement must an administrator meet prior to implementing an InfoScale Availability cluster that includes both
physical and virtual machines?
A. ensure all systems in the cluster have access to virtualized storage devices
B. ensure shared storage supports SCSI3 persistent reservations
C. ensure shared storage supports multi-pathing
D. ensure the systems in the SystemList for a service group have access to the same shared storage devices
Correct Answer: B

An administrator wants to make a new application highly available.
Which two capabilities must the application have to be managed be Veritas Cluster Server? (Select two.)
A. the ability to monitor each instance of the application independently.
B. the ability to be installed on shared storage
C. the ability to determine if the application is running
D. the ability to notify the administrator of the application\\’s state
E. the ability to disconnect users from the application
Correct Answer: AC

Due to a high security risk, a mandatory shutdown of Ethernet switches is scheduled in a data center where the
switches are used for two private heartbeat links on a local cluster. A low-priority heartbeat link, which has been
configured over a public interface, is unaffected by the shutdown. I/O fencing is disabled.
Which cluster behavior is expected when the private switches are both shut down for the upgrade?
A. All nodes in the cluster panic.
B. The cluster remains online, but the service groups go offline.
C. Private cluster communications are rerouted over the public network.
D. The service groups go into ADMIN-WAIT state.
Correct Answer: D

Which two capabilities can an administrator use to ensure availability within Docker Containers? (Select two.)
A. provide HA to the application within the container for failover and app restart
B. provide provisioning of a new container when an application within the container fails
C. first restart the application within the container and if continued app failures then provision a new container
D. provide HA to the container and move it between cluster nodes
E. provide provisioning of a new container when a container fails
Correct Answer: AD

Which behavior can be specified using the PreferredFencingPolicy attribute?
A. The fencing driver gives preference to high-capacity networks.
B. The fencing driver gives preference to high-capacity systems.
C. The fencing driver gives preference to Oracle type resources.
D. The fencing driver gives preference to disk groups with solid state devices.
Correct Answer: A

Which service group dependency type supports two applications being online on any system in the cluster?
A. parallel
B. global
C. local
D. remote
Correct Answer: B

Where is the sysoffline trigger executed if a node goes into a jeopardy state or leaves the cluster?
A. on all nodes in the cluster regardless of state
B. on the node that goes offline by entering a jeopardy state or leaving the cluster
C. on all the nodes in the cluster that are still in a RUNNING state
D. on the lowest numbered system in the cluster with a RUNNING state
Correct Answer: D

An administrator is bringing a service group online. One of the resources is remaining offline, and is shown in waiting to go online state. Which command should the administrator run to stop Veritas Cluster Server from attempting to bring the
resource online to troubleshoot the issue?
A. hares -clear
B. hares -offline
C. hagrp -offline
D. hagrp -flush
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
How many servers are seeded in the GAB port membership?
GAB status and membership notation

examprepwebinar VCS-256 exam questions-q10

A. the GAB port membership has two nodes: 01 and 12
B. the GAB port membership has three nodes: 0,1, and 12
C. the GAB port membership has two nodes: 0 and 1
D. the GAB port membership has four nodes: 0,1,21, and 22
Correct Answer: C

An administrator is evaluating the suitability of an application to be clustered using Veritas InfoScale Availability. Which
condition prevents the application from being made highly available?
A. The application requires the use of solid state drives for performance.
B. The application requires multiple systems accessing shared data simultaneously.
C. The application has a dependency on the host name of the system on which it is running.
D. After a crash, the automated clean-up takes at least one minute before the application can be restarted.
Correct Answer: D

What does it mean when a cluster node is in the REMOTE_BUILD state?
A. The in-memory cluster configuration is being built by copying the in –memory configuration from another running
cluster node.
B. The node is building the in-memory cluster configuration from the primary file on a remote node.
C. The in-memory configuration on the node is being updated to reflect configuration changes being made on a remote
D. It is the last node to join the cluster and must wait to build the in-memory configuration until all other nodes have their
in-memory configuration.
Correct Answer: C

Which action should the administrator perform to ensure the coordination point (CP) service is highly available when
adding a CP server into a Veritas Cluster Server environment?
A. configure multiple CP server instances on the same node
B. configure the CP server as a resource in a Veritas cluster
C. configure the CP server over iSCSI
D. ensure the CP server is on a reliable network
Correct Answer: D

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