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Exam Code: SY0-101
Q&As: 600

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SY0-101 dumps

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1. A VPN typically provides a remote access link from one host to another over:
A. an intranet.
B. a modem.
C. a network interface card.
D. the Internet.
SY0-101 exam Answer: D
2. IPSec uses which of the following protocols to provide traffic security? (Select TWO).
F. Encapsulating Security Protocol (ESP)
Answer: BF
3. The employees at a company are using instant messaging on company networked computers. The
MOST important security issue to address when using instant messaging is that instant messaging:
A. communications are a drain on bandwidth.
B. communications are open and unprotected.
C. has no common protocol.
D. uses weak encryption.
SY0-101 dumps Answer: B
4. Which of the following would be BEST to do when network file sharing is needed? (Select TWO).
A. Allow read permissions only for unauthenticated users.
B. Create local users who have no access to the shares.
C. Allow access to administrators only.
D. Place the share on a different volume than the operating system.

E. Set a disk quota.
Answer: DE
5. Which of the following programming techniques should be used to prevent buffer overflow attacks?
A. Input validation
B. Nested loops
C. Signed applets
D. Automatic updates
SY0-101 pdf Answer:A
6. A large company wants to deploy an FTP server to support file transfers between business customers
and partners. Which of the following should the security specialist consider before making these changes?
A. FTP can be deployed on an isolated server but is unencrypted.
B. FTP can consume significant bandwidth.
C. FTP facilitates business-to-business file transfers and has few risks.
D. FTP transfers data in an unencrypted format.
Answer: D
7. WEP uses which of the following stream ciphers?
A. RC2
B. RC4
SY0-101 vce Answer: B
8. A common tool used for wireless sniffing and war driving is:
B. Sam Spade.
C. NetStumbler.

Answer: C
9. Which of the following is a common type of attack on web servers?
A. Birthday
B. Buffer overflow
C. Spam
D. Brute force
SY0-101 exam Answer: B
10. Which of the following would be needed to ensure that a user who has received an email cannot claim
that the email was not received?
A. Anti-aliasing
B. Data integrity
C. Asymmetric cryptography
D. Non-repudiation
Answer: D
11. Spam is considered a problem even when deleted before being opened because spam:
A. verifies the validity of an email address.
B. corrupts the mail file.
C. wastes company bandwidth.
D. installs Trojan horse viruses.
SY0-101 dumps Answer: C
12. In order to secure web-based communications, SSL uses: (Select TWO).
B. IPSec.
C. Public-key cryptography.
D. Blowfish encryption.

E. Symmetric cryptography.
F. Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP).
Answer: CE
13. A URL for an Internet site begins with ‘https:’ rather than ‘http:’ which is an indication that this web site
A. Kerberos.
SY0-101 pdf Answer: D
14. To reduce vulnerabilities on a web server, an administrator should adopt which of the following
preventative measures?
A. Use packet sniffing software on all inbound communications.
B. Apply the most recent manufacturer updates and patches to the server.
C. Enable auditing on the web server and periodically review the audit logs.
D. Block all Domain Name Service (DNS) requests coming into the server.
Answer: B
15. A VPN is needed for users to connect to a remote site and the VPN must be transparent to the user.
Which of the following VPN models would be BEST to use?
A. Gateway to Gateway
B. Host to Host
C. Host to Gateway
D. Gateway to Host
SY0-101 vce Answer:A
16. A web page becomes unresponsive whenever the embedded calendar control is used. Which of the
following types of vulnerabilities is occurring?
A. Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

B. ActiveX
C. Cross-site scripting
D. Cookies
Answer: B
17. A company is upgrading the network and needs to reduce the ability of users on the same floor and
network segment to see each other’s traffic. Which of the following network devices should be used?
A. Router
B. Hub
C. Switch
D. Firewall
SY0-101 exam Answer: C
18. Which of the following would be the MOST important reason to apply updates?
A. Software is a licensed product and the license will expire if not updated.
B. Software is a supported product and vendors won’t support the product if the latest version is not
C. Software is a productivity facilitator and as new functionality is available the functionality must be
D. Software is inherently insecure and as new vulnerabilities are found the vulnerabilities must be fixed.
Answer: D
19. Which of the following types of firewalls provides inspection at layer 7 of the OSI model?
A. Application-proxy
B. Network address translation (NAT)
C. Packet filters
D. Stateful inspection
SY0-101 dumps Answer:A
20. A company implements an SMTP server on their firewall. This implementation would violate which of
the following security principles?

A. Keep the solution simple.
B. Use a device as intended.
C. Create an in-depth defense.
D. Address internal threats.
Answer: B

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Real and Updated Exam Questions & Answers


SY0-401 VCE

Question 28
Which of the following controls should critical application servers implement to protect themselves from other potentially compromised application services?
B. Content filter
D. Host-based firewalls
Correct Answer: D
Question 29
Which of the following is a directional antenna that can be used in point-to-point or point-to-multi-point WiFi communication systems? (Select TWO).
A. Backfire
B. Dipole
C. Omni
E. Dish
Correct Answer: AE

A large bank has moved back office operations offshore to another country with lower wage costs in an attempt to improve profit and productivity. Which of the following would be a customer concern if the offshore staff had direct access to their data?
A. Service level agreements
B. Interoperability agreements
C. Privacy considerations
D. Data ownership
Correct Answer: C   200-355 dumps

Question 31
Which of the following are examples of detective controls?
A. Biometrics, motion sensors and mantraps.
B. Audit, firewall, anti-virus and biometrics.
C. Motion sensors, intruder alarm and audit.
D. Intruder alarm, mantraps and firewall.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following attacks impact the availability of a system? (Select TWO).
A. Smurf
B. Phishing
C. Spim
E. Spoofing
Correct Answer: A, D

Which of the following types of technologies is used by security and research personnel for identification and analysis of new security threats in a networked environment by using false data/hosts for information collection?
A. Honeynet
B. Vulnerability scanner
C. Port scanner
D. Protocol analyzer
Correct Answer: A


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CompTIA, Security+

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SY0-401 exam

Ann is a member of the Sales group. She needs to collaborate with Joe, a member of the IT group, to edit a file. Currently, the file has the following permissions: Ann: read/write
Sales Group: read
IT Group: no access
If a discretionary access control list is in place for the files owned by Ann, which of the following would be the BEST way to share the file with Joe?
A. Add Joe to the Sales group.
B. Have the system administrator give Joe full access to the file.
C. Give Joe the appropriate access to the file directly.
D. Remove Joe from the IT group and add him to the Sales group.
Correct Answer: C Explanation
A company would like to take electronic orders from a partner; however, they are concerned that a non-authorized person may send an order. The legal department asks if there is a solution that provides non-repudiation. Which of the following would meet the requirements of this scenario?
A. Encryption
B. Digital signatures
C. Steganography
D. Hashing
E. Perfect forward secrecy
Correct Answer: B Explanation
The Chief Security Officer (CSO) is contacted by a first responder. The CSO assigns a handler. Which of the following is occurring?
A. Unannounced audit response
B. Incident response process
C. Business continuity planning
D. Unified threat management
E. Disaster recovery process
Correct Answer: B Explanation  70-697 exam
An organization must implement controls to protect the confidentiality of its most sensitive data. The company is currently using a central storage system and group based access control for its sensitive information. Which of the following controls can further secure the data in the central storage system?
A. Data encryption
B. Patching the system
C. Digital signatures
D. File hashing
Correct Answer: A Explanation QUESTION 69
A network administrator, Joe, arrives at his new job to find that none of the users have changed their network passwords since they were initially hired. Joe wants to have everyone change their passwords immediately. Which of the following policies should be enforced to initiate a password change?
A. Password expiration
B. Password reuse
C. Password recovery
D. Password disablement
Correct Answer: A Explanation
Ann, a security administrator at a call center, has been experiencing problems with users intentionally installing unapproved and occasionally malicious software on their computers. Due to the nature of their jobs, Ann cannot change their permissions. Which of the following would BEST alleviate her concerns?
A. Deploy a HIDS suite on the users’ computers to prevent application installation.
B. Maintain the baseline posture at the highest OS patch level.
C. Enable the pop-up blockers on the users’ browsers to prevent malware.
D. Create an approved application list and block anything not on it.
Correct Answer: D Explanation

SY0-401 exam
Which of the following should be used to authenticate and log connections from wireless users connecting with EAP-TLS?
A. Kerberos
Correct Answer: D Explanation
A security administrator is auditing a database server to ensure the correct security measures are in place to protect the data. Some of the fields consist of people’s first name, last name, home address, date of birth and mothers last name. Which of the following describes this type of data?

C. Low
D. Public
Correct Answer: A Explanation:
Which of the following would be MOST appropriate if an organization’s requirements mandate complete

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