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Updated: Aug 10, 2017
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What is a legally secure contract for NSN and a Customer?
A. If NSN has a long-running relationship with the customer, so a “gentlemen’s” or “verbal” agreement is
enough, especially in some countries.
B. A PO with the payment terms defined is sufficient, provided NSN had contractual relationship with the
customer in the past.
C. Terms and conditions documenting the commitments of both parties needs to be written and signed.
D. A detailed customer Purchase Order with a description of the Services Ordered is sufficient.
70-743 exam Correct Answer: C
What is CaPM’s PRIMARY responsibility in the tendering process?
A. To help the Account Manager to prepare a Customer Care Contract.
B. To support the Account Manager to negotiate the Care Contract with the Customer.
C. To consult the Service Engagement Manager to ensure availability of price options for Care Services.
D. To act as the CT contact to the Care organisation and to support the CT in all tendering activities
where Care services are being considered.
Correct Answer: D
When does the Care phase start?
A. When the network, sub-network or deliverables get Customer final acceptance.
B. When the project phase is completed.
C. When the Account Manager receives the final payment from the Customer.
D. When the Care Plan has been accepted by the Customer.
70-743 dumps Correct Answer: A
Who should NOT participate in a Care Services tender?
A. Service Product Manager.
B. Cost Manager.
C. Care Program Manager.
D. R&D Engineer.
Correct Answer: D
The following action must take place if NSN are not SOX Compliant:
A. NSN will be fined 2.5 times the annual value of the contract.
B. CT Head will be dismissed from NSN with 30 days notice.
C. A new Contract signed and Customer Purchase Order issued as soon as possible.
D. We must receive a Customer Purchase Order within 5 working days.
70-743 pdf Correct Answer: C
How many milestones (gates) are defined in the contract renewal process?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 7
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following statements is true to be SOX Compliant in SDM-EX4-Care Contract Management?
A. NSN must have a letter of intent from the Customer’s Legal Department.
B. NSN must have a written, signed Contract and a Customer Purchase Order.
C. NSN must have a Customer Purchase Order for the actual Care we are delivering.
D. NSN must have a Contract defined in CDB and a Customer Purchase Order.
70-743 vce Correct Answer: B
A customer pays for a 5-year warranty contract. What contract type is used in CDB/SAP?
A. Care Agreement.
B. Warranty Standard contract.
C. Warranty Extended contract.
D. 1st Warranty Standard and the next 4 as Warranty Extended contract.
Correct Answer: A
Who approves free of charge services included in the Care Contract?
A. Care Program Manager.
B. Head of CT after consulting Sales Director.
C. Depending on NSN policy regarding discounts the person may vary.
D. Sales Director.
70-743 exam Correct Answer: C
According to the contract renewal process, when should be the first contract proposal presented to the
customer ? (T = expiration time of current contract)
A. T – 4 months.
B. T – 3 months.
C. As soon as prepared.
D. T – 6 months.
Correct Answer: A
A customer has a free 3-year warranty contract. What contract type is used in CDB/SAP?
A. Care Agreement.
B. Warranty Standard contract.
C. Warranty Extended contract.
D. 1st Warranty Standard and Warranty Extended for the next 2 years.
70-743 dumps Correct Answer: C
In which documents are the Care service level commitments with the customer officially stated?
A. Account plan.
B. Project Plan.
C. Care Agreement.
D. Care Plan.
Correct Answer: C
What standard response times for trouble resolution and technical query should be proposed to a new
A. Response times which are defined in a Service Level Agreement between Care Services and Business
Unit / Product Line.
B. Response times in other CTs in the same country.
C. Response times which are defined in the global Care Contract Template.
D. Customer requirements.
70-743 pdf Correct Answer: C
A large price increase is demanded when renewing a 3rd Party Service Contract. What should be done in
this case?
A. Care Program Manager should inform the customer about higher service fee for the coming period.
B. Care Program Manager should check the existing Frame or local Agreements to see if the increase is
allowed in the 3rd party contract.
C. The Logistics Coordinator should rise a new Purchase Order for the higher value.
D. CaPM should reject the offer/invoice and just order what was agreed before.
Correct Answer: B
What is the next step after receiving a quotation for renewal of services from 3rd party suppliers?
A. Care Program Manager should contact the 3rd Party Service Manager to check the renewal options in
the existing Frame or Local Agreement.
B. Care Program Manager should ask Logistics Coordinator to raise a Purchase Order.
C. Care Program Manager should contact the Supplier to discuss further discounts.
D. Care Program Manager should contact the appropriate Product Line and ask for advice.
70-743 vce Correct Answer: A
A Care Program Manager has to enable a customer’s NOLS access. Who has to be involved?
A. F&C and the CT must be involved.
B. Legal and NOLS support is required to set up a separate agreement.
C. This can be done by the Care Program Manager alone.
D. This is an administrative task handled by NOLS support.
Correct Answer: B
A contract is renewed in which the terms, conditions and price have remained the same but the scope has
changed. In order to maintain SOX compliance what should be done?
A. A simple contract extension is needed in CDB as the major terms and conditions are the same.
B. A new contract should be created in CDB as the scope has changed.
C. Terms and conditions are the same, only scope has been changed. So a simple contract extension is
all that is needed.
D. If a contract is renewed, it is mandatory to create a new contract in CDB.
70-743 exam Correct Answer: B
What needs to be done if a 3rd Party Service Contract is due to expire?
A. Care Program Manager should contact the 3rd Party Service Manager and supplier representatives to
renew the contract.
B. Care Program Manger should inform Product Line.
C. Care Program Manager should inform the Customer to renew the contract directly with the supplier.
D. The Care Program Manager should inform the Service Engagement Manager.
Correct Answer: A
A contract is about to expire but there is already a PO for the next year from the customer. Is there a need
for CSDA?
A. No, because CSDA is to ensure that NSN doesn’t deliver services without money. If there is a PO
already in place before expiration, the CaPM just updates the contract end date.
B. No, because PO is in place and invoicing is uninterrupted. After getting the written consent of the CT
head and F&C Controller, contract prolongation in CDB is the next step and delivery continues.
C. Yes, CSDA is still needed because the contract is not signed. It means NSN is legally still vulnerable
and management needs to grant written approval to acknowledge the higher risk.
D. Yes, NSN needs to send a CSDA to inform higher management that a contract expired but delivery
continues as the PO is in place.
70-743 dumps Correct Answer: C

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