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Total Questions: 745
Test Number: 350-018
Vendor Name: Cisco
Cert Name:  CCIE
Test Name: CCIE Security written (Version 4.0)
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350-018 exam

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Question: 1
Which statement is valid regarding SGACL?
A. SGACL mapping and policies can only be manually configured.
B. Dynamically downloaded SGACL does not override manually configured conflicting policies.
C. SGACL is access-list bound with a range of SGTs and DGTs.
D. SGACL is not a role-based access list.
Answer: C   
A role-based access control list bound to a range of SGTs and DGTs forms an SGACL

Question: 2
Of which IPS application is Event Store a component?
A. InterfaceApp
B. AuthenticationApp
C. SensorApp
D. NotificationApp
E. MainApp
Answer: E   
Cisco IPS software includes the following applications:
MainApp—Initializes the system, starts and stops the other applications, configures the OS, and performs upgrades. It contains the following components:
–ctlTransSource (Control Transaction server)—Allows sensors to send control transactions. This is used to enable the master blocking sensor capability of Attack Response Controller (formerly known as Network Access Controller).
–Event Store—An indexed store used to store IPS events (error, status, and alert system messages) that is accessible through the CLI, IDM, IME, ASDM, or SDEE.

Question: 3
Refer to the exhibit.
Which two statements about this debug output are true? (Choose two.)
A. The request is from NHC to NHS.
B. The request is from NHS to NNC.
C. is the remote NBMA address.
D. is the local VPN address.
E. is the local non-routable address.
F. This debug output represents a failed NHRP request.
Answer: A, D   70-697 exam

Question: 4
Which statement describes RA?
A. The RA is not responsible to verify users request for digital certificates.
B. The RA is part of private key infrastructure.
C. The RA has the power to accept registration requests and to issue certificates.
D. The RA only forwards the requests to the CA to issue certificates.
Answer: D

Question: 5
Refer to the exhibit
Against which type of attack does the given configuration protect?
A. pharming
B. a botnet attack
C. phishing
D. DNS hijacking
E. DNS cache poisoning
Answer: B

Question: 6
Drag and drop the description on the left onto the associated items on the right.
Collection of similar programs that work together to execute specific tasks – botnet
Independent malicious program copies itself from one host to another host over a network and carries other programs – Viruses
Programs that appear to have one function but actually perform a different function – Trojan horse
Programs that modify other programs and that attach themselves to other programs on execution – Worms

Question: 7
Refer to the exhibit.
Which option describes the behavior of this configuration?

A. The switch initiates the authentication.
B. The client initiates the authentication.
C. The device performs subsequent IEEE 802.1X authentication if it passed MAB authentication. If the device fails IEEE 802.1X, it will start MAB again.
D. Devices that perform IEEE 802.1X should be in the MAC address database for successful authentication.
E. IEEE 802.1x devices must first authenticate via MAB to perform subsequent IEEE 802.1X authentication. If 802.1X fails, the device is assigned to the default guest VLAN.
Answer: C

Question: 8
Which two statements about the RC4 algorithm are true? (Choose two.)

A. The RC4 algorithm is an asymmetric key algorithm.
B. In the RC4 algorithm, the 40-bit key represents four characters of ASCII code.
C. The RC4 algorithm is faster in computation than DES.
D. The RC4 algorithm uses variable-length keys.
E. The RC4 algorithm cannot be used with wireless encryption protocols.
Answer: C, D

350-018 exam

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