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Three switches are connected to one another via trunk ports. Assuming the default switch configuration, which switch is elected as the root bridge for the spanning-tree instance of VLAN 1? 200-125 pdf
A. the switch with the highest MAC address
B. the switch with the lowest MAC address
C. the switch with the highest IP address
D. the switch with the lowest IP address
Correct Answer: B

Which three statements about static routing are true? (Choose three.)
A. It uses consistent route determination.
B. It is best used for small-scale deployments.
C. Routing is disrupted when links fail.
D. It requires more resources than other routing methods.
E. It is best used for large-scale deployments.
F. Routers can use update messages to reroute when links fail.
Correct Answer: ABC

What are two requirements for an HSRP group? 200-125 dumps (Choose two.)
A. exactly one active router
B. one or more standby routers
C. one or more backup virtual routers
D. exactly one standby active router
E. exactly one backup virtual router
Correct Answer: AB
200-125 dumps QUESTION 14
In which three ways is an IPv6 header simpler than an IPv4 header? (Choose three.)
A. Unlike IPv4 headers, IPv6 headers have a fixed length.
B. IPv6 uses an extension header instead of the IPv4 Fragmentation field.
C. IPv6 headers eliminate the IPv4 Checksum field.
D. IPv6 headers use the Fragment Offset field in place of the IPv4 Fragmentation field.
E. IPv6 headers use a smaller Option field size than IPv4 headers.
F. IPv6 headers use a 4-bit TTL field, and IPv4 headers use an 8-bit TTL field.
Correct Answer: ABC

Which command is necessary to permit SSH or Telnet access to a cisco switch that is otherwise configured for these vty line protocols?
A. transport type all
B. transport output all
C. transport preferred all
D. transport input all
Correct Answer: D

Which Cisco platform can verify ACLs? 200-125 dumps
A. Cisco Prime Infrastructure
B. Cisco Wireless LAN Controller
C. Cisco APIC-EM
D. Cisco IOS-XE
Correct Answer: C

What are two benefits of private IPv4 IP addresses? 200-125 pdf (Choose two.)
A. They are routed the same as public IP addresses.
B. They are less costly than public IP addresses.
C. They can be assigned to devices without Internet connections.
D. They eliminate the necessity for NAT policies.
E. They eliminate duplicate IP conflicts.
Correct Answer: AC

Which function does IP SLA ICMP ECHO operation perform to assist with troubleshooting
A. packet-loss detection
B. congestion detection
C. hop-by-hop response time
D. one way jitter measurement
Correct Answer: C

Which command can you enter to display the operational status of the network ports on a router?
A. show interface switchport
B. show ip interface brief
C. show running-config interface fastethernet 0/1
D. show interface status
Correct Answer: B

Under normal operations, cisco recommends that you configure switch ports on which vlan? 200-125 dumps
A. on the default vlan
B. on the management vlan
C. on the native vlan
D. on any vlan except the default vlan
Correct Answer: D

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CCNA, Cisco

200-125 Dumps

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Update 200-125 Simple Questions Latest Practice Test Questions VCE PDF Dumps

Qustion No. 1

— (Topic 4)

Refer to the exhibit.
When running OSPF, what would cause router A not to form an adjacency with router B?
A. The loopback addresses are on different subnets.
B. The values of the dead timers on the routers are different.
C. Route summarization is enabled on both routers.
D. The process identifier on router A is different than the process identifier on router B.

Answer: B

Qustion No. 2
— (Topic 6)
Which two commands correctly verify whether port security has been configured on port FastEthernet 0/12 on a switch? (Choose two.)
A. SW1#show port-secure interface FastEthernet 0/12
B. SW1#show switchport port-secure interface FastEthernet 0/12
C. SW1#show running-config
D. SW1#show port-security interface FastEthernet 0/12
E. SW1#show switchport port-security interface FastEthernet 0/12
Answer: C,D   070-410 exam


Question 3
Refer to the exhibit. PC_1 is exchanging packets with the FTP server. Consider the packets as they leave RouterB interface Fa0/1 towards Router
A. Drag the correct frame and packet addresses to their place in the table.

200-125 Dumps

Source Mac Address    Destnaton Mac Address    Source IP address    Destnaton MAC
MAC 0000.0c89.3333    MAC 0000.0c89.9999     IP     IP


Question 4
Match the terms on the lef with the appropriate OSI layer on the right. (Not all optons are used.)

200-125 Dumps

 Answer:200-125 Dumps


Qustion No.5
CORRECT TEXT — (Topic 7)
Answer: Corp1#conf t
Corp1(config)# access-list 128 permit tcp host host eq www
Corp1(config)# access-list 128 deny tcp any host eq www
Corp1(config)# access-list 128 permit ip any any
Corp1(config)#int fa0/1
Corp1(config-if)#ip access-group 128 out
Corp1#copy run startup-config


Qustion No. 6
— (Topic 5)
Which three features are added in SNMPv3 over SNMPv2?
A. Message Integrity
B. Compression
C. Authentication
D. Encryption
E. Error Detection
Answer: A,C,D

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