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Exam Code: 210-260
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Network Security
Q&As: 310

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210-260 dumps

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Refer to the exhibit.
210-260 dumps

What is the effect of the given command sequence?
A. It configures IKE Phase 1.
B. It configures a site-to-site VPN tunnel.
C. It configures a crypto policy with a key size of 14400.
D. It configures IPSec Phase 2.
210-260 exam 
Correct Answer: A
What hash type does Cisco use to validate the integrity of downloaded images?
A. Sha1
B. Sha2
C. Md5
D. Md1
Correct Answer: C
What security feature allows a private IP address to access the Internet by translating it to a public
B. hairpinning
C. Trusted Network Detection
D. Certification Authority
210-260 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 4. In SAS ETL Studio, what is stored as a metadata identity?
A. the location of the SAS Metadata Server
B. the libraries containing the data in the warehouse
C. a user or a group of users of the metadata environment
D. a list of the warehouse server names and port numbers
Answer: C
QUESTION  5. In SAS ETL Studio, when checking in objects from a project repository to a change-managed
repository, which objects are checked in?

A. all objects
B. the selected objects only
C. grouped objects and their associated objects
D. the selected objects and all associated objects
210-260 pdf Answer:A
QUESTION  6. In SAS ETL Studio, which alert actions can be selected from the Status Handling tab as a property of
the job? I.Send email. II.Abort the process. III.Send the entry to a dataset. IV.Call a macro from a SAS
Autocall Library.
A. I and II only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II and III only
D. I, II, III and IV
Answer: D
QUESTION  7. In SAS ETL Studio, what can be used to register a metadata object in the Process Library? I.the
Metadata Importer II.the Metadata Transformer III.the Transformation Importer
IV.the Transformation Generator
A. II only
B. IV only
C. I and II
D. III and IV
210-260 vce Answer: D

QUESTION 8. In PGP, there are two conditions that can be present to provide for the validity of a certificate. What
are these two conditions?
A.The certificate has been digitally signed by your local trusted root Certificate Authority.
B.The certificate is digitally signed by at least one completely trusted key holder, who has a valid
C.The certificate is digitally signed by at least two of the marginally trusted key holders, who have valid
D.The certificate has been digitally signed by the sender trusted root Certificate Authority.
E.The certificate is digitally signed by the sender, who is authenticated by your local Certificate Authority.
Answer: BC
QUESTION  9. What is the average size of a biometric template?
A.Between 10 and 100 KB
B.Between 100 and 500 KB
C.Less than 1 KB
D.Less than 3 bytes
E.Between 500 KB and 1 MB
210-260 exam 
Answer: C
QUESTION  10. Based on the provided image, what type of certification path will be used in this network?
A.Nested certification path
B.Hierarchical certification path
C.Functional certification path
D.Mesh certification path
E.Bridged certification path
Answer: D
QUESTION 11. When an OCSP responder provides a digitally signed response for each of the certificates sent to it by
the relying party in the original request, its reply consists of the certificate identifier, one of three status
values and a validity interval. What are the three status values?
A.Okay, Not Okay, Revoked
B.This Update, Next Update, Future Update
C.Good, Revoked, Unknown
D.Issuer Public Key, Hash of the Private Key, Unknown
E.Issuer Private Key, Thumbprint of the Public Key, Unknown
Answer: C
QUESTION 12. What format is used to list the information that is contained in the Issuer field of an X.509 digital

B.X.500 CN
C.CA Name
D.X.500 DN
E.Position of the CA in the CA hierarchy
210-260 dumps 
Answer: D
QUESTION 13. There are many certificate templates built into Windows 2000 Certificate Servers. Which of the
following user templates are valid for client authentication?
A.Smart Card Logon
B.Domain Controller
C.Authenticated Session
D.IPSec (Offline Request)
E.Smart Card User
Answer: ACE
QUESTION 14. One of the many extensions in an X.509 digital certificate is called the SubjectKeyIdentifier. What is
this extension used for?
A.The extension is used to verify the SubjectPrivateKeyInfo
B.The extension is used to match the hashes of the SubjectKeyAlgorithm
C.The extension is used only when the certificate is used for code signing from a defined Subject
D.The extension is used when matching the hash value of the public key on the certificate
E.The extension is used only if the certificate is sent from a Root CA
210-260 pdf 
Answer: D
QUESTION 15. Which of the following are hash algorithms?

Answer: AB
Which RAID level is the most commonly used for file servers, application server, web server,
databases, and other transaction-oriented applications?
210-260 vce 
Answer: D
Which utility typically enables abstraction of storage within a server?
A. Switch zoning
B. Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
C. SAN appliance
D. SMI-S Monitoring Tool
Answer: B
Your current backup solution includes a backup server and six tape drives within a tape library.
The routers are connected to the SAN and the servers are zoned on the SAN to see the array.
The server sends a set of commands to the tape routes causing the routers to talk directly to the
volumes and copy them to the tape drives. Which backup infrastructure type would describe this
A. D2D (disc-to-disk)
B. 3PC (3rd party copy)
C. SSO (shared storage option)
D. D2R2T (disk to route to tape)
210-260 exam 
Answer: B
Which Security method is used to insure that a particular host only has access to a particular
A. port binding
B. hard zoning
C. soft zoning
D. LUN masking
Answer: D

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CCNA Security, Cisco

Test Number: 210-260
Total Questions: 226
Vendor Name: CISCO
Test Name: Implementing Cisco Network Security
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Fundamentals of VPN Technology and Cryptography

1. What algorithms in a VPN provide the confidentiality? (Choose all that apply.)
a. MD5
b. SHA-1
c. AES
d. 3DES

2. A remote user needs to access the corporate network from a hotel room from a laptop.
What type of VPN is used for this?
a. Site-to-site VPN
b. Dial-up VPN
d. Remote-access VPN

3. Which type of VPN technology is likely to be used in a site-to-site VPN?
a. SSL
b. TLS
d. IPsec

4. Which two of the following are benefits of VPNs?
a. Hashing
b. Confidentiality
c. Diffie-Hellman
d. Data integrity

5. Which of the following are symmetrical encryption ciphers? (Choose all that apply.)
a. SHA1
b. AES
c. RSA
d. 3DES

6. What is the primary difference between a hash and Hashed Message Authentication
Code (HMAC)?
a. Keys
b. MD5
c. SHA1
d. AES

7. What is used to encrypt the hash in a digital signature?
a. Sender’s public key
b. Sender’s private key
c. Receiver’s public key
d. Receiver’s private key

8. What are valid options to protect data in motion with or without a full VPN? (Choose
all that apply.)
a. TLS
b. SSL
d. IPsec

9. Why is the public key in a typical public-private key pair referred to as public?
a. Because the public already has it.
b. Because it is shared publicly.
c. Because it is a well-known algorithm that is published.
d. The last name of the creator was publica, which is Latin for public.

10. What is the key component used to create a digital signature?
a. Ink
b. Public key
c. Private key
d. AES

11. What is the key component used to verify a digital signature?
a. Sender’s public key
b. Receiver’s public key
c. AES
d. One-time PAD

12. What is another name for a hash that has been encrypted with a private key?
a. MD5
b. SHA-1
c. AES
d. Digital signature

13. What are the primary responsibilities for a certificate authority (CA)? (Choose all that
a. Verification of certificates
b. Issuing identity certificates
c. Maintaining client’s private keys
d. Tracking identity certificates

14. Which of the following is not a way for a client to check to see whether a certificate
has been revoked?
a. Look at the lifetime of the certificate itself
b. CRL

15. Which of the following could be found in a typical identity certificate? (Choose all
that apply.)
a. CRL locations
b. Validity date
c. Public key of the certificate owner
d. Serial number

16. Which standard format is used to request a digital certificate from a CA?
a. PKCS#7
b. PKCS#10

17. When obtaining the initial root certificate, what method should be used for validation
of the certificate?
a. Sender’s public key
b. Telephone
d. Receiver’s private key

18. Which method, when supported by both the client and the CA, is the simplest to use
when implementing identity certificates on the client?
a. PKCS#7
b. PKCS#10

Fundamentals of IP Security

1. Which technology is a primary method that IPsec uses to implement data integrity?
a. MD5
b. AES
c. RSA
d. DH

2. What are the source and destination addresses used for an encrypted IPsec packet?
a. Original sender and receiver IP addresses
b. Original sender’s and outbound VPN gateway’s addresses
c. Sending and receiving VPN gateways
d. Sending VPN gateway and original destination address in the packet

3. Which phase is used for private management traffic between the two VPN peers?
a. IPsec
b. IKE Phase 1
c. IKE Phase 2
d. IKE Phase 3

4. Which of the following are negotiated during IKE Phase 1?
a. Hashing
b. DH group
c. Encryption
d. Authentication method

5. What method is used to allow two VPN peers to establish shared secret keys and to
establish those keys over an untrusted network?
a. AES
b. SHA
c. RSA
d. DH    200-310 vce

6. Which of the following is not part of the IKE Phase 1 process?
a. Negotiation of the IKE Phase 1 protocols
b. Running DH
c. Authenticating the peer
d. Negotiating the transform set to use

7. How is the negotiation of the IPsec (IKE Phase 2) tunnel done securely?
a. Uses the IKE Phase 1 tunnel
b. Uses the IPsec tunnel
c. Uses the IKE Phase 2 tunnel
d. Uses RSA

8. What are the two main methods for authenticating a peer as the last step of IKE Phase
1? (Choose all that apply.)
a. RSA signatures, using digital certificates to exchange public keys
b. PSK (pre-shared key)
c. DH Group 2
d. TCP three-way handshake

9. Which component acts as an if-then statement, looking for packets that should be
encrypted before they leave the interface?
a. crypto isakmp policy
b. crypto map
c. crypto ipsec transform-set
d. crypto access-list (access list used for cryptography)

10. What is true about symmetrical algorithms and symmetrical crypto access lists used
on VPN peers?
a. Symmetrical algorithms use the same secret (key) to lock and unlock the data.
Symmetrical ACLs between two VPN peers should symmetrically swap the
source and destination portions of the ACL.
b. Symmetrical algorithms like RSA use the same secret (key) to lock and unlock the
data. Symmetrical ACLs between two VPN peers should symmetrically swap the
source and destination portions of the ACL.
c. Symmetrical algorithms use the same secret (key) to lock and unlock the data.
Symmetrical ACLs between two VPN peers should be identical.
d. Symmetrical algorithms use the same secret (key) to lock and unlock the data.
Symmetrical ACLs between two VPN peers require that only symmetrical algorithms
be used for all aspects of IPsec.

11. Which one of the following commands reveal the ACLs, transform sets, and peer
information and indicate which interface is being used to connect to the remote IPsec
VPN peer?
a. show crypto map
b. show crypto isakmp policy
c. show crypto config
d. show crypto ipsec sa

210-260 pdf

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